Get the It Works! body wraps by purchasing it via its website or through an official distributor. Other options are to sign up for a 3-month auto ship commitment or to become an It Works Distributor. These latter two way... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

There is no scientific evidence that body wraps work to do more than moisturize the skin. The marketed claims for body wraps sell the additional promise of detoxifying the skin, slimming the waist, and reducing the appea... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Skinny wraps only work temporarily, as the wrap only removes excess water from the body. The end result is a light feeling and the loss of a few pounds. However, the weight tends to return after a couple of days. More » Beauty & Fashion

It Works products tend to have mixed reviews, with positive reviews of the company's body wraps stating that the wraps caused weight loss and reduced measurements, and negative reviews stating that the wraps had no effec... More »

Stores typically located in town center malls include Best Buy, Bath & Body Works, Champs, Disney Store and Express. Other popular stores in town center malls include Foot Locker, Hot Topic, Lids, Macy's and Payless. Foo... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To remove the back cover from a Kindle e-Reader, turn off the power, hold the unit back-side up with the portion of the back panel that wraps toward the front farthest away from your body, and slide the back off the unit... More »

Slimming body wraps work by dehydrating the body. Any slimming effects received from body wraps is from water loss and therefore temporary, with the inches returning in one to two days. More »