In men's shoes, a European size 39 is the equivalent of a size 5 to 5.5 in the United States. In women's shoes, a European size 39 is the same as a women's size 7.5 to 8. More »

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32. You can check your answer against a conversation tool or by looking at a thermometer. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The square root of 39 is 6.24. The square root of any number can be determined by plugging it into the equation x times x equals y. When solving this formula to find the square root of 39, the formula is 6.24 times 6.24 ... More »

A man's shoe size is converted to a woman's shoe size by adding 1.5 to the men's size. To convert a man's pants size to the size a woman would wear, subtract 21 from the man's size. More »

The equivalent of a men's size 7 shoe is a boys' size 6.5. Both of these sizes are made for the same foot length according to shoe size conversion charts. More »

The average shoe size for men in the United States is a size 9, and the average for women is a size 7. Shoe sizes vary slightly from country to country. More »

Nordstrom offers a variety of products online for sale including clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. It also sells specialty items online, such as home goods, gifts, pop-up collections and wedding... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing