There are several accepted abbreviations for the word billion. It is most commonly abbreviated as "B," as in $3B to indicate $3 billion. Other abbreviations include "bill." and "bn," as in $3bill. or $3bn to indicate $3 ... More »

The character or symbol commonly used to represent the word "and" is called an ampersand. The shape of the ampersand is based on the cursive lettering of the Latin word "et," which means "and." More » Education

Abbreviations for supervisor include "Supv," "Supr," "Supvr" and "S." These abbreviations generally relate to the technology and telecommunications industries. In the military, the abbreviation "SUP" is common for superv... More »

While "onety-one" or "oneteen" would seem to make sense as pronunciations for the number 11, the origin of the word "eleven" is the Old English word "endleofan," literally "one left" (over 10). How words are pronounced a... More »

In math, the word "value" refers to a number. This number is often the result of a previous calculation, but it can also refer to the value of a variable or constant. More »

The most common prefix for the number nine is "nona-", such as in the word "nonagon," which describes a polygon with nine sides, and "nonagenarian," a person in his 90s. A less commonly used prefix is "nove-," as in "nov... More » Math Numbers

The number 40 is the only number, in word form, whose letters are in alphabetical order. It is also used to signify important time periods in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. More »