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The following is a list of the largest notable information technology consulting firms in the world, along with their corporate headquarters location and the total number of consultants they have. Many of these serve primarily as third-party consultants. Many enterprise software companies employ their own consultants for services related to their own products.


Best IT Consulting Firms. Supporting a Diverse Workforce. As one of the top-rated IT consulting companies, Accenture maintains a strong priority of empowering and supporting equality in the workplace. Currently, 30% of Accenture company leaders are women, as are 40% of the external members of their board of directors.


eMazzanti Technologies is an IT consulting company based in Hoboken, NJ, with additional offices in New York. Founded in 2001, eMazzanti's team has grown to over 35 employees. eMazzanti Technologies provides IT managed services, custom software development, IT strategy consulting, SI, and cloud consulting services.


Top 50 Consulting Firms By Revenue In 2019. When it comes to measuring the top businesses in an industry, revenue is king. Interestingly enough, we couldn’t find any other organizations tracking consulting revenue across industries and countries.


The IT consulting industry can be viewed as a Four-tier system: Professional services firms which maintain large professional workforces and command high bill rates. Staffing firms, which place technologists with businesses on a temporary basis, typically in response to employee absences, temporary skill shortages and technical projects.


Technology matters—more than ever, in fact. It’s what supports your strategy, fuels your differentiation and propels your transformation.  Yet only one in four companies say their technology capabilities align with their business needs, and fewer than one in ten qualifies as a true technology leader. We can help you rethink your technology capability from end to end, to make it what ...


Provides IT Consulting Services in Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure, Governance Risk and Compliance and Service Management. Akcia Incorporated: Akcia Incorporated is a full service Information Technology firm. Akcia offers a variety of traditional consulting services along with proprietary software products and a custom software 'factory'.


For an industry built on specifications, technical terminology can be surprisingly vague. Business IT consulting, IT services, and software consulting, for instance, may appear distinct and self-explanatory at first glance.In truth, it can be difficult to tell where one ends and another begins.


Vault asked consultants to rank the best firms in several areas of business focus. Consultants were allowed to vote for up to three firms as the best in each area, but could NOT vote for their own firm. The practice areas are: Defense Consulting Economic Consulting Energy Consulting Financial Consulting Health Care Consulting Human Resources ...


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