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<p> Except for solar energy, which is expected to contribute approximately 5% and a few hundred additional MWs of wind power, the contribution to Israel&#39;s overall energy balance from renewable energy sources is currently limited.&nbsp; A new form of technology is under development but not yet proven- the Aeroelectric Tower.


israel's G.D.P today is more then $200 billion ! (for its only 7 million population its allot more then 33,000$ per capita ! for 2011 more than saudi arabia) israel spends 7.5% of its G.D.P on security which only 2.5% of it comes from the USA. israel today still maintains 4.5% growth a year higher then any european country ! and is aiming for 5.1%.


Israel has the most diversified economy of the Middle East, and has a high level of modernization. Israeli economy has in the recent years experienced an upswing, much due to less need for transferring funds to the military. Mining is an important activity for Israeli economy, of which much is extracted from the Dead Sea.


Loss of Amos-6 satellite a major setback for Israeli space agency. ... was a major blow to the Israeli communications satellite industry, Israel&39;s leading space official said. ...


Students can now major in 'medical plant chemistry' — or marijuana — at a Midwestern university; Op-Ed: Marijuana farming – a silver bullet for rural poverty? Israel's Booming Medical Marijuana Industry Now Offers Hope to Autism Patients ; Quarter of Seattle cancer patients turn to marijuana to help cope with pain, stress and nausea


In a much controversial move, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and announced to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


An unmanned rocket took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Thursday night carrying Israel's Beresheet spacecraft, aiming to make history twice: as the first private-sector landing on the Moon, and the first from the Jewish state. Takeoff was followed live back in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised a White House announcement on Monday ending sanctions exemptions for Iran's oil customers, calling it of great importance in boosting pressure on Tehran.The decision by President (Donald) Trump and the United States administration is of great importance to increase the pressure on the Iranian terrorist regime, Netanyahu said in a statement.Iran...


An Israeli spacecraft on its maiden mission to the moon has sent its first selfie back to Earth, mission chiefs said on Tuesday. The image showing part of the Beresheet spacecraft with Earth in the background was beamed to mission control in Yehud, Israel -- 37,600 kilometres (23,360 miles) away, the