An Isotoner slipper size chart is available on the company's website at The link to the size chart is at the bottom of the home page's Learn More heading and lists footwear size conventions for women,... More »

Sizing charts for kids' slippers and shoes are available online at no charge. provides a Slipper Sizing Guide, which refers customers to check their actual shoe size. Since slippers are generally sized a... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

To use Snoozies' size chart, match your current shoe size to the corresponding Small, Medium or Large size. Size Small fits sizes 5-6, Medium fits sizes 7-8, Large fits sizes 9-10 and Extra-Large fits sizes 10-11. Custom... More »

A foot measurement chart is a sheet (usually paper) that measures the length and width of a person’s feet in inches to help determine shoe size, says Size matters and the information visible on a foot measurem... More »

You can use a foot width size chart by measuring your foot?s width and using the chart to determine the most suitable shoe width for your foot. Some foot width charts determine the appropriate shoe width with a visual di... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

Sizes on Dansko shoe size charts vary for men and women but both use European, or EU, whole-size standards. Women's sizes are whole numbers from 35 to 43, while men's run from 41 to 48. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes

The Nike chart recommends size small socks for kids with size 3Y to 5Y shoes or for women with size four to six shoes. Size medium socks are for children's sizes 5Y to 7Y, women's shoe sizes from six to 10, and men's siz... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes