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People isolate themselves from others for a variety of reasons. Mental health issues such as depression, social anxiety and struggles with abandonment can cause someone to withdraw from family and friends. People who have a lack of self-esteem often isolate themselves against the outside world. Thos


An isolated T-storm in a weather report means that a small percentage, typically between 10 percent and 20 percent of the affected area may see a thunderstorm. The clouds are usually a part of a squall line, which usually proceeds a cold front.


Social isolation is a common symptom of depression and anxiety, according to John Hopkins University. It is also a symptom of undifferentiated schizophrenia, according to the University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center.


An isolated thunderstorm is a rain-producing storm that impacts a relatively small portion of a meteorologist's forecast territory. Aerostorms indicates that an isolated T-storm affects only 10 to 20 percent of a populated area, while The Washington Post defines an isolated storm as one that affects


Weathering occurs when materials are eroded or broken down by natural means, such as ice, water and wind. Acid, plants and animals can also cause weathering.


The weather of any given region is important because it has a considerable impact on the water, sunlight and temperature of an ecosystem, according to the University of Illinois. These factors play a serious role by influencing the types of plant and animal wildlife that can survive in the area. Cer


Weather is caused by uneven heating on the surface of the Earth, which results in atmospheric change. Differences in temperature are caused by the Sun heating parts of the Earth more than others. Clouds, rain and winds are all caused by these temperature differences.


Weathering refers to the process of wearing away, dissolving or breaking down rocks that are found near or at the surface of the Earth. National Geographic notes three types of weathering processes: mechanical, chemical and biological or organic.


Cultural isolation is the term for a country or region that does not care to interact with, understand or empathize with cultures outside its borders. Americans have been accused of cultural isolation, because some Americans have not studied or learned languages other than American English and seem


Electrical isolators work by separating part of the electrical power from a system for safety during maintenance works. This is usually done by an off-load condition.