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North America (isobars only - data from the University of Illinois WW2010 Project) Southeast Surface Plot (Data from the University of Illinois WW2010 Project) Southeast Surface Plot (from NCAR - Real-Time Weather Data) Tropics - Atlantic side (from from NWS Ocean Prediction Center) SURFACE MAPS w/ ISOBARS and SATELLITE COMPOSITE. North America ...


The picture shows an advanced weather map with isobar lines drawn on it. Notice that it is easy to locate high- and low-pressure zones as a result of the lines on the maps. Also remember that winds flow from high to low areas, so this gives meteorologists a chance to predict local wind patterns as well.


Isobars and isotherms are lines on weather maps which represent patterns of pressure and temperature, respectively. They show how temperature and pressure are changing over space and so help describe the large-scale weather patterns across a region in the map.


Isobars lines of constant pressure A line drawn on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure is called an isobar. The isobars are generated from mean sea level pressure reports and the pressure values are given in millibars. The diagram below depicts a pair of isobars.


A line drawn on a weather map connecting places having the same atmospheric pressure. The distance between isobars indicates the barometric gradient (the degree of change in atmospheric pressure) across the region shown on the map. When the lines are close together, a strong pressure gradient is indicated, creating conditions for strong winds.


What Do Closely Spaced Isobars Often Indicate? widely spaced isobars often indicate what do closely spaced isobars indicate a steep pressure gradient quizlet if earth were not rotating isobars on a weather map isobar map current the subpolar low polar front is


When isobars enclose an area of high pressure this is called a High or anticyclone and its centre is labelled on a weather map by an 'H'. The term 'anticyclone' is a bit of meteorological jargon. The central pressure of a weak High is about 1015hPa,while a strong or intense High has a central pressureabove about 1030hPa.


Isobars are lines on a weather map that represent areas with equal atmospheric pressure. Each isobar line follows a path through locations with an equal atmospheric pressure that is plus or minus four starting with 1000 millibars.


Chapter 11. STUDY. PLAY. WEATHER. refers to the state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place. Describes conditions such as air pressure, wind, temperature, and the amount of moisture in the air. ... What do closely spaces isobars on a weather map indicate? Closely spaced isobars on a weather map indicate a large pressure. A large ...


Knowing how to read a weather map can help you understand the weather and know what to expect. For example, high pressure (H) areas will have clear skies, while low pressure (L) areas can be stormy. Blue "cold front" lines bring rain and wind in the direction the triangular marks point. Red "warm ...