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Isaac Newton was born on 4 January 1643, in Woolsthorpe Manor, England, to Hannah Ayscough and Isaac Newton. His father died three months prior to his birth. Hannah remarried Reverend Barnabus Smith, leaving the three-year old Newton under the care of his maternal grandmother, Margery Ayscough.


Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727), mathematician and physicist, one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. Born at Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, where he attended school, he entered Cambridge University in 1661; he was elected a Fellow of Trinity College in 1667, and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1669.


Sir Isaac Newton (Jan. 4, 1643–March 31, 1727) was a superstar of physics, math, and astronomy even in his own time. He occupied the chair of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in England, the same role later filled, centuries later, by Stephen Hawking .


Newton specifically stated in his work that he was advancing beyond the philosophical to the mathematical. His statements were not based on assumptions or suppositions, but rather on mathematical proof set out in detail. Descartes had thought that all matter in space is contained within a thin fluid, which gave rise to vortexes, which in turn held all the celestial bodies in place.


Best Answer: Newton was the greatest scientist that Britain, or even the world, has produced. He is famous for the binomial theorem and the differential calculus, for the Laws of Motion, the diffusion of light and for the discovering the principal of gravity.


He made important contributions to nbsp; Isaac Newton Biography – Newton 39;s Life, Career, Work – Dr Robert A , Biography, Information, Sources -Dr Robert A. Hatch his first public paper, a brilliant but no less controversial study on the nature of color. . .


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Sir Isaac Newton and Henry Grew were among those who had earlier rejected the Trinity as unscriptural." Now, after searching the A&E Biography database at www.biography.com I read this: Newton, Isaac male (1642--1727) Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, a premature infant not expected to live.


Issac found that 1 and 100 equals to 101, and so does 2 and 99, 3 and 98. Every two op. free essay on Biography of Isaac Newton – eCheat on Biography of Isaac Newton available totally free ...


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