Water is considered to be a universal solvent because more substances dissolve in water than in any other chemical. This is due to the unique polarity of water molecules. More »

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Water is an excellent solvent. It is known as the "universal solvent" because no other liquid is able to dissolve matter better. The chemical composition and molecular arrangement of water are responsible for this charac... More »

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Water is known as the universal solvent because more solutes dissolve in it than any other substance. A solvent is a substance, usually a liquid, that dissolves other substances to form a solution. More »

Pure acetone is an organic solvent that is miscible with water and has important applications in chemistry laboratories. One of its principle uses is as a cleanser for lab equipment between uses. It is also an effective ... More »

A solvent is a substance that dissolves a solute in the formation of a solution, and any solvent other than water is considered a non-aqueous solvent. Some common examples include ether, alcohol, benzene, disulphide, car... More »

Ammonium nitrate dissolves in water with an endothermic reaction, a chemical reaction that consumes heat rather than releasing it. The temperature of the solution is lower than the starting temperature of either componen... More »

Acetone dissolves in water, and there is minimal chemical reaction involved. As acetone is dissolved in water, hydrogen bonds form between the molecules of water and acetone. The hydrogen bonds are what keeps the acetone... More »