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Walleye, or Strizostedium vitreum, is also known as pike, yellow walleye and pickering. This fish is 13 to 25 inches long and 1 to 5 pounds in weight. Walleye is olive-brown with a lighter underside. Grilling walleye is a healthy choice for preparing this fish.


Although considered one of the healthy fish, the fat content of catfish has become an area of debate in recent years. Catfish does contain the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but the levels are lower than other fish, with only .22 grams to .3 g per 3 ounce serving. Catfish also contains a low risk of mercury with only 0.05 parts per million.


Potential health benefits derived from eating cold water fatty fish: For most people, the high amounts of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D in fatty fish provide a huge benefit to the heart and overall health. For good health, the general recommendation is at least two servings a week (optimally four or more) of cold water fatty fish (do make sure to choose fish low in ...


I care about my health and want to have a long happy life. There is no way I am going to stop eating Walleye. As a result I have been experimenting with different ways to cook Walleye that are healthy; specifically low in fat, low in calories, low in sodium and big on taste.


"Walleye chop" is a term used by walleye anglers for rough water typically with winds of 10 to 25 km/h (6 to 16 mph), and is one of the indicators for good walleye fishing due to the walleyes' increased feeding activity during such conditions. In addition to fishing this chop, night fishing with live bait can be very effective.


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Trusted Results with Healthy walleye recipes. Cooks.com - Recipes - Walleye. Describes different kinds of vegetables and their importance in a healthy diet. Includes a recipe for a cup of vegetables. 51 results for walleye... walleye: Food Network. Healthy Pantry. More in: Healthy Eating. Recipes & Cooking. Shows ... 2. Walleye on a Stick. Clip ...




State health agencies have found that it is safe to eat Lake Erie walleye once a week. Visit these links to find out more information about fish advisories in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Eating Your Catch 2014 Ohio Sport Fish Health and Consumption Advisory.


Istill savor the first time I tasted really fresh Lake Erie walleye. I was having dinner on the Canadian Lake Erie island of Pelee and it was all-you-can-eat walleye night. I’m not generally an all-you-can-eat kind of gal, and when I’d tried walleye before, I didn’t really get what the culinary fuss was about.