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Olive oil, one of the healthiest fats, because it can help lower total cholesterol, LDL -- or bad -- cholesterol, and even help control Type II diabetes. However, if you consume too much olive oil, even high-quality extra virgin olive oil, you expose yourself to several health risks.


Olive Oil? Bad for Your Heart? Unfortunately, we've grown used to this kind of dietary flip-flop. Many Americans have begun to wonder if even the experts know what they're talking about. One day ...


Click Here to open a chart comparing the nutrients in the same number of calories from green leafy lettuce and olive oil. Keep in mind, too, what mountains of research over the past several decades have told us. Consistently, the foods linked with healthier, ... Hype: Olive oil will lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol.


Why Oil is Bad for You “Dr. Hyman, I grew up in a house where we used vegetable oil every day to cook with,” writes this week’s house call. “My mom still uses these oils and I’m trying to convince her to switch to coconut or olive oil.


You should stay away from consuming too much olive oil as it may block the gallbladder or cause painful gallstones. Our liver produces bile, which is accumulated inside the gallbladder. But, when our body holds excess fat, and we include olive oil in our daily diet, this stored bile starts to secrete and emulsify the fats.


Here’s what a cardiologist/heart surgeon has to say about how much olive oil is too much in a day. After discovering a super easy way to get more olive oil in my daily diet without cooking it or tasting it, I wondered just how much olive oil in a day is safe—and is there a point where the quantity becomes more adverse?


I actually believe it to be medicinal & even considering doing an Olive oil fast, i'll soon let you know if you can have too much! Jokes aside of course you can have too much of anything, you'll know when you have enough or too much fat tho, you won't able to eat anymore


My husband, upon hearing of all the benefits of olive oil, insists that a person cannot eat too much olive oil. He drenches things with olive oil. I have read that 2 tablespoons a day should be the max.


As others have pointed out, too much of anything is bad. On a daily basis it can lead to gaining weight because olives are full of calories. Olive oil is good (anti-oxidants etc) but it does increase your waistline. What you should be extra-carefu...


Can olive oil be harmful? The answer to that goes deeper than just yes or no (like almost any other product on the market). There are many things to consider when choosing an olive oil, and knowing how to use it properly to obtain the health benefits from it.