The Secret Society scam is an ambitious letter campaign that promises the recipient a set of secrets to wealth and power free of charge, says the LA Times. The 10-page letter is personalized, as its author claims to have... More » Government & Politics Crime

To join a secret society, decide which one you want to join, fulfill the eligibility requirements and follow the instructions to be inducted. Eligibility varies from secret society to secret society, as do induction and ... More »

A Roissy Society is a group based on principles set forth in the erotic book, "The Story of O," by Pauline Réage. Roissy Societies are like-minded individuals who practice the book's themes of bondage, dominance and sado... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The Easy e-Card scam uses emails that are designed to resemble a legitimate e-Card sent from a user called lovebug1136 with messages indicating that they want to "hook up" with the recipient. If the e-Card link is clicke... More » Government & Politics Crime

An expungement letter starts with a paragraph explaining the charge and reason for the expungement request, then follows with a second paragraph explaining the individual's contributions to society and a final paragraph ... More »

Consumers receiving scam calls from unknown people trying to obtain personal information or make special offers should report the incident to the online Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant. Those receiving phone... More » Government & Politics Crime

As of February 2015, a consumer can officially report a telephone scam to the Federal Trade Commission by navigating to the FTC's complaint website at Consumers can report such scams as a perso... More » Government & Politics Crime