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Ask.com UK is a crawler-based search engine similar to Google and Bing with a special question-answering focus. Also known as AskJeeves.com, the website is exclusively dedicated for users in the United Kingdom. Users searching for answers can see locally relevant result...


There are 154 recognized higher learning institutions that can award degrees in the United Kingdom, according to the U.K. government website. Over two million people are enrolled at U.K. universities as undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The current family allowance, or Child Benefit rate, in the United Kingdom is £20.50 per week for the first child and £13.55 per week for each additional child, according to the Government of the United Kingdom. These rates are effective until April 2015.


PeopleSearch-UK is a free website that allows users to search for long-lost relatives or other people they may have lost touch with who live in the United Kingdom. Developed by a team of professionals, PeopleSearch-UK has located over 5,000 individuals, from estranged f...


To search for people in the United Kingdom for free, use an online lookup service such as People-Search-Global.com, FindPeopleFree.co.uk and SearchElectoralRoll.co.uk, as of July 2015. You can also use WhitePages.co.uk to find people.


The UK vehicle tax, known officially as the Vehicle Excise Duty, taxes drivers based on the engine size of the vehicle and its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Generally, the lower the emissions of a vehicle, the lower the tax.


To find the address of a UK resident, either visit the British Telecom website or visit Infobel online. Insert the surname and area to extract the information. UK addresses can also be obtained from searching Google UK and sometimes are also found on Facebook.