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for teacher education and professional development, setting entry standards for the profession and career progression, and introducing quality assurance mechanisms for teacher education and professional development. “Teaching Profession for the 21st Century” is a joint attempt to respond to the above challenges.


How to Deliver? • Introduction Session 1 • Formation of a Profession • Role of Professional Bodies • Characteristics of a Profession • Q/A • Importance of Education in Islam Session 2 • Career point of View • Other Benefits • My Role as a Teacher • Activity 1 • Activity 2 • Characteristics of a Good Teacher • Ethics, as a Pakistani Session 3 • PRINCIPLE I

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FUTURE OF TEACHING PROFESSION 3 FOREWORD “Teaching is a profession that lies at the heart of both the learning of children and young people and their social , cultural and economic development. It is crucial to transmitting and implanting social values, such as democracy equality,


“Teaching creates all other professions.” Author Unknown “Teaching is not a lost art (profession), but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” Jacques Barzun We often use the term “profession” in a generic sort of way referring to what is your trade/vocation.


Michael Gove's announcement that Qualified Teacher Status will no longer be required to teach in academy schools will do nothing to reassure people that he has doubts about teaching being a profession


PDF | Profession is the phenomenon of vital activity created by division of labor that social, economical and technological factors require. Teaching profession has originated from the social and ...


This week we will consider what it means to be a teaching professional. We will ask you to think about your own beliefs about teaching and education in light of the expectations that society has for teachers. We will also reflect on the importance of the teacher and the school to the achievement and development of each child.


These will be “quasiprofessions.” Teaching will be a quasi-profession since it will have some characteristics of a profession, but will have them to a lesser extent than the paradigm cases of professions. What do we gain by trying to decide if teaching really qualifies as a profession? Why not focus instead on a description of the ...


In these discussions, over all of these years, there is one position taken by many people which always gives me cause to think less of the person with whom I am having the discussion. It forces me to question their bias on the subject. The statement that sets me off is usually some variation of,”teaching isn’t really a profession”.


Is teaching still a profession? March 4, 2014 1.06am EST. Peter ... Of course there are many individual teachers who are professionals and who recognise the need for teaching to be a profession.