Common table salt, without any of the extra ingredients that may be added to the retail food product, is a compound comprised of the metallic element sodium and the non-metallic element chlorine. The chemical name for pu... More »

Sugar is a compound. A compound is a homogeneous state of matter, meaning that the elements of a compound are in proportion to each other. Compounds present as a unified group of elements. Other examples of compounds inc... More »

Sugar is a compound. Sugar, or sucrose, is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen elements, and it has the chemical formula C12H22O11. More »

Sodium chloride, commonly referred to as salt or table salt, is an ionic compound found in medical treatments and various foods. Sodium chloride is used in preserving and flavoring food. It is also used to improve the fl... More »

Oxygen is an element, not a compound, and can be found on the periodic table with the atomic number eight. Oxygen is primarily found in two common forms, oxygen gas and in air. Oxygen gas molecules are made of two oxygen... More »

KCl, potassium chloride, is a compound made up of the alkali metal potassium and chlorine, and it is soluble in water. In an aqueous solution, KCl separates into K+ and Cl- ions. More »

Sodium hypochloride is a stable compound of one sodium atom paired with a molecule composed of one oxygen and one chlorine. The sodium atom is positively charged and attracted to the negative oxygen atom of the oxygen-ch... More »