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Also, split leather is never as durable as top-grain or full-grain leather, and your split-leather product will not last as long. There are many ways to give split leather a desirable appearance. The most common is applying a polyurethane coating, along with plating or artificial markings to simulate the better product.


In many cases, genuine leather is actually split leather. That means that the lower (inner) layers of the hide are stripped off. The outer, higher-quality parts are “top grain”. The ability to take multiple layers from one hide depends on the thickness of the skin. Some skins, like cow, are often able to be split into various levels.


Split leather is created from the corium left once the top-grain has been separated from the hide, known as the drop split. In thicker hides, the drop split can be further split into a middle split and a flesh split. Suede is made from the underside of a split to create a soft, napped finish. It is often made from younger or smaller animals, as ...


A ‘genuine leather’ tag used to mean a lot a few years ago, but over the years, genuine leather has become a misnomer of sorts for leather. The tag does not carry much weight except to indicate that you are buying a material that is real leather (...


Grain Leather: Grain leather is the top part of the leather after being split. It’s most often used in consumer goods like purses, shoes, and sofas because it’s more appealing to the eye. Split Leather: Split leather is the bottom part of the leather after being split. It’s sometimes called suede and has a nappy appearance.


The drop split with the two rough sides is then no longer referred to as a "flesh split", but only as "split leather", "split" or "suede". In order to make the leathers more intelligible to the layman, this is an important separation of the choice of words in tanneries and in public. This makes it clear that the term "split" always refers to ...


Split leather is the stuff they cut off of top-grain leather to get thinner leather. The split leather will have a suede-ish appearance. Whether or not you actually want to call it suede is a whole different discussion.


Hides have to be split into two layers before they can be used as furniture leather. The bottom layer created by that split is referred to as split leather or sometimes as bottom grain. The top portion of the hide is called "top-grain leather" and has a more compact grain than the split leather.


Full Grain Leather vs. Genuine Leather What is Full Grain Leather? Simply put, full grain leather is the real deal, the best you can get. Take a look at the picture above. This kind of richness, depth and character is only possible with full grain leather.


What Is Split Cowhide Leather?. Leather, the tanned hide of an animal, contains wide variations in quality and thickness. To make the finished leather more useful, leather processors employ finishing techniques that result in a selection of products for the leather crafter's application. How a piece of leather is handled determines its suitability...