Running is healthy because it is good for the prevention of health conditions, helps with weight loss and strengthens joints and bones. A person can gain many benefits by running at least 150 minutes each week. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Some running tips are to avoid eating a large meal before a run, stay hydrated before and during your workout, and make sure you own a good pair of running shoes. Another tip is to replace your running shoes every 500 mi... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Running

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Exercise helps the skeletal system by encouraging synovial fluid generation, which helps bones and joints move, and increasing bone density, which makes bones grow thicker and stronger. Exercise promotes blood circulatio... More »

Some reasons for a lack of weight loss may include dietary mistakes and medical conditions. Following strict eating rules such as cutting out all carbohydrates can sabotage diets, while serious medical conditions such as... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Seniors can find a good exercise plan by inquiring with physicians and medical professionals who are aware of any pre-existing health conditions. Local gym and exercise facilities can also provide personal trainers to wo... More » Health Fitness & Exercise