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Bicast, or PU, leather is a material composed of split leather coated in a layer of polyurethane embossed with patterns to resemble the grain of higher-quality leather.


PU leather is made from polyurethane and leather. It is a high-density cellular plastic sheeting commonly used as a substitute for real leather.


Polyurethane, or PU, coated leather is split hide leather that is bonded and covered with a polyurethane coat, and then embossed with grain patterns to simulate the appearance of top grain leather. PU is also known as bicast leather and split hide leather.


A polyurethane material, or PU material for short, is a type of versatile plastic. The three types of PU materials are flexible foams, rigid foams and elasto-plastics. These materials are most often used in building construction, the automotive industry and in furniture manufacturing.


Medicinenet.Com explains that pus is a common consequence of a variety of bacterial infections of the skin. When the bacterial pus enters the bloodstream, antibiotic treatment is needed. Skin infections that manifest with pus typically also need antibiotic treatment, and can also be treated with war


PU and PVC are both different kinds of imitation leather, but they differ in the materials that they are made of and the way that they are made. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC leather, is made by chemically altering vinyl. Polyurethane, or PU leather, is made from leather leftovers and polyurethane.


The normal value of a pus cell is 5 to 8 in males and up to 10 per high power field for women. A high power field refers to the visibility of pus on a slide viewed by a microscope at approximately 500X.


Leather is created by using the skins or hides of animals. Leather is commonly made from the skin of cows, goats, pigs and sheep.


The main cause of pus in the gums from a dental abscess is a bacterial infection, according to BootsWebMD. This bacterial infection comes from poor oral hygiene that leads to a cavity, and then the infection grows into the soft tissues around the tooth.


Pus cells are commonly found in healthy stool, and they help to ease the passage of stool, according to About Health. However, these pus cells are not visible to the human eye. If pus, or mucus, is visible in the stool, this can indicate the presence of a disease or condition.