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Drinking pickle juice for cramps might sound like a dirty trick someone’s playing on you. After all, how could sour pickle juice possibly help cramps? Well it might come as a surprise, but it’s a remedy that top-tier and recreational athletes use regularly to alleviate painful leg cramps quickly and effectively.


Pickle juice has become a popular remedy for leg cramps over the years — specifically for the cramps runners and athletes get after a workout. Some athletes swear by it, attesting that pickle ...


A popular drink among athletes and other sportspersons, pickle juice is a good source of energy. Packed with calcium, antioxidants, electrolytes, and high amounts of vitamin C, pickle juice offers numerous health benefits. Here are 7 reasons why you should include pickle juice in your diet. 1. Soothes Muscle Cramps


Dehydrated men experienced faster relief from muscle cramps after drinking pickle juice, according to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.. About 1/3 cup of pickle juice ...


Is Pickle Juice Good for You? Some say pickle juice relieves cramps and replenishes the body post-workout. We take a look at the science behind this trend.


Beyond the cramps, pickle juice and mustard provide other benefits for athletes: Sodium: Adequate intake can improve hydration and reduce cramping, at least in practice. Just 1 tablespoon of mustard has 200 milligrams sodium and 2 ounces pickle juice has more than 400 milligrams sodium.


3. Good for Digestion Vinegar is a fermented food, and the vinegar in pickle juice is actually good for the digestive system. “It encourages the growth and healthy balance of good bacteria and flora in your gut”, says Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Fortis Hospital.


Claim: pickle juice cures muscle cramps. ... While bacteria get a bad reputation, many can promote good health. Probiotics are a type of 'good bacteria' that provide health benefits for the host ...


And according to research, pickle juice may, in fact, help. One small study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise gave some men who had cramps pickle juice and ...


Muscle cramps. A 2010 study from North Dakota State University found that muscle cramps could be resolved in a minute and a half with 1.5 oz of pickle juice for every 100 pounds of body weight ...