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Peter is a virtual tarot that answers any question he is asked. Site to play Peter Answers Online and ask anything you want. Peter please answer the following question...


Peter Answers is an online virtual tarot website. Ask Peter like this Peter Please Answer the Following Question


So when you go to Peter Answers website, there’s two boxes that appear. One of the petition and one of the question. If you scroll below, the site tells you what to fill in the petition. You’re supposed to fill in “Peter, please answer the following question”. Now here’s the trick.


is peter answers real or fake? today at school at lunch,me and my friends went into out teacher's classroom.we went on peteranswers.com.then my friends typed in a question,and it answered correctly! my friend lili asked it "what kind of shoes is melanie wearing" and it said vans.i was sooo surprised.next,she asked it "do u like...


You Won’t Believe What I Learned About Peter Answers “Tonight, I’ve discovered something terrible. ... Except nobody knows the real secret. Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very dark side. Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very dark side.


Here Is Proof Its REAL! Unlimited recording storage space. Live TV from 60+ channels. No cable box required.


How to Use Peter Answers. If you love to play tricks on your friends or family members, lead them to a computer and introduce them to Peter. Have them choose a question, type it in, and Peter will amaze everyone in the room. But you alone...


One the top bar, where you are supposed to put "Peter, pleaseanswer the following question:", you put a period, and then typeyour answer to the question, then put a : Peter Answers is a website ...


A case in point is a website that is very popular among the prankster community called Ask Peter (or Peter Answers). The footer text lists the page as a “Virtual Tarot,” as though the page truly has the ability to predict your future or answer any of your questions. In this article, I answer the question: how does Ask Peter work?


Check out this next YouTube video and I promise without a doubt you will be working Peter Answers like a wizard. This Peter Answers Video Tutorial, unlike the one above is short, sweet, and very excellent. This guy does a perfect job explaining this trick. Now stop dilly dallying and get on over to the real Peter Answers web site and have some fun!