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The MGS Precious Metals Blog. ... it is not considered cost effective to recycle silver-plated flatware to harvest the precious metals value. If your silverware is "sterling," we're happy to help you remelt it to capture the value of it, but if it's in good condition, you may get better value at auction or with a collector. ...


The market value when you sell sterling silverware is only for melting it down. “Ninety-nine times out of a 100, that’s where it’s going to go,” he said. 6.


If it is an heirloom, then it has sentimental value and you should use it often, with love. Sterling silver is valuable both because it can be refined and thus retains the current price for silver and because the flatware and other pieces usually maintain their resale value and desirability.


Factors That Can Affect How Much Your Sterling Silver Flatware Is Worth. Sterling silver flatware has value for the metal itself. But, before you haul a bag of sterling silver to a buyer (pawn or cash-for-silver shop) near you, know that you might be able to get a good deal more by selling the flatware to collectors.


So does that mean if my set is not one of the 250 collectible patterns, it’s not worth anything? Not Exactly, The value of silverplate flatware in the current economic era, can have quite a lot to do with what the base metal or the metal underneath the silver. The silver on the flatware usually has little if any value, unless it is a very old ...


"What is My Silver Worth?" Current Silver Prices. Don't know the pattern name of your silverware? Click here for Trademark Identifier. Looking for China? We now offer Moser Glassware. We buy sterling silver flatware. OUR STERLING SILVER INVENTORY IS UPDATED REGULARLY. Antique Sterling Silverware Home ...


Hi there, We can not cay for sure but the words “plate” and “P” are a red flag that what you have is silver plated flatware and so would not be worth anything for the silver value, as it is not sterling. However, if the set is in tact you may be able to sell it as a set on a site like Ebay. Thanks!


With so many different types of sterling silver flatware it can be very hard to determine just how much your flatware may be worth. Whether it's stainless steel with a sterling silver handle, or ...


How Much Is Antique Silverware Worth? Several factors are involved in determining the value of antique silverware. LoveToKnow Antiques states that the first consideration is finding out whether or not the silverware is sterling silver, which is valued at a significantly higher rate than silverplate.


As you'll find in the following pictorial price guide, however, antique silver plate is not void of value although it rarely sells for as much as comparably styled and weighted antiques fashioned of sterling silver. Continue to 2 of 10 below. 02 of 10. Simpson and Hall Wheeled Cherub Relish Dish .