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Symptoms and signs of a diseased tree include dying or dead limbs that are brittle and gray in color. The presence of insects such as tent caterpillars feeding on the greenery may also indicate disease.


Some common orange tree diseases, which are common to all citrus trees, include citrus greening, citrus canker and citrus black spot. Another disease that occurs in orange trees is sweet orange scab.


Sudden crown drop, fusarium wilt, diamond scale and pink rot are some of the common palm tree diseases. Palm trees are susceptible to fungal infections.


Some of the most common diseases affecting apple trees include apple scab and powdery mildew. Apple scab appears as warty, brown lumps on the fruit and leaves, while powdery mildew is a velvety covering on the tree's branches and leaves.


To identify diseases in maple trees, examine the bark for cankers and lesions, check for signs of girdling roots and analyze the tree to see if verticillium wilt is present. The difficulty of the identification process depends on numerous factors, including the visibility of the symptoms.


Identify peach tree diseases by observing the tree, considering weather and other conditions in the past year and consulting an expert. Accurate record keeping can help determine the causes of disease and prevent future outbreaks.


Pear trees are susceptible to several diseases caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria. The National Gardening Association reports that fire blight is the most devastating to both commercial and home pear trees in the United States. A bacterial infection spread by rain and insects, fire blight can wip


Several diseases of the ash tree include anthracnose, ganoderma root rot, laetiporus root rot, rust, yellows and decline, according to the Penn State Extension. Other diseases include verticulum wilt, powdery mildew, cankers and butt rot. Pests such as the emerald ash borer, banded ash clearwing and


Common diseases that infect maple trees include maple wilt, anthracnose, tar spot, sapstreak and phyllosticta. Maples, like all hardwood trees, are also prone to armillaria root rot. These diseases range in severity from relatively harmless and preventable to fatal and incurable.


Some common diseases affecting oak trees include anthracnose, oak branch die-back, leaf blister and twig blight. Most of these diseases can be controlled if they are identified in their early stages and the appropriate steps are taken to protect the tree from further damage.