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Although you can't eat the fruit when it's smoked (it tastes terrible), it still provides additional moisture and flavor to the fish. I like to just eat the smoked mullet as is, but a popular thing to do with it is to smear it onto crackers and eat it cold. Additionally, you can make a smoked mullet dip, similar to clam dip, with cream cheese.


Mullet is a popular fish that have fatty meat with a delicate harmonious taste, lives in most waters of the world. Fish is a valuable source of useful protein that is easily digested and absorbed by the body. Mullet contains a lot of vitamins, pho...


Open coast mullet are not bad to eat, but I'd leave estuary fish alone - not as good. Either way, if you don't have to take them, then don't.If you do fancy one for the table, just take the odd one, don't go home with a bag full.


Smoked mullet for the Palm Beach set. Anytime I ever found it on a menu, I'd shovel it into my mouth with excessive vigor, like a good Houstonian does a vat of queso. We're all alike when you get ...


Broadly, mullets eat whatever they can, feeding on organic detritus, nibbling plants, and chasing the occasional invertebrate. Have you ever seen what they feed chickens or hogs on land, in farms? Trust me, some mullet picking through the mud sounds pretty good after you've seen that.


Catching Mullet is one of my passions. For many people, catching Mullet is a great activity because you can eat them, use them as bait but mostly because it's the thrill of catching the big one and then letting it go and live to fight some other day.


i have eaten mullet off and on all my life. what i wonder is, sometimes the mullet is not good. (i can see where people that don't like mullet probably had these fish) other times the mullet is some of the best fried fish i have eaten. i was wondering if it is the life cycle that a mullet, at times would be better than other times. maybe some of the life long mullet eaters could give us some i...


Are mullet a good fish to eat? ... Is grey mullet oily fish or not?Is it good to eat this fish twice a week (mercury levels ?)? Do you like smoked mullet fish and beer?,It's what a lot of people eat in Florida!!? Answer Questions. What is your favorite April big artificial large mouth Bass pond lure?


Mullet, a fish native to the Mediterranean, has been a staple of human consumption since ancient Greek times. An oily fish with a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, the mullet is often consumed on the same day it is caught since it tends to degrade rather quickly.


AMCS report that the reason for their 'Eat Less' rating of QLD sea mullet is the result of concerns regarding fishery management, specifically uncertainty around interactions with threatened species. They have no concern about the status of sea mullet stocks themselves. Mullet are a great sustainable choice, as well as being cheap and delicious.