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TurboTax reports that as of tax year 2013, only eight states require beneficiaries to pay an inheritance tax: Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maryland, Indiana, Tennessee and New Jersey. For tax purposes, unless the inheritance, such as property or stocks, generates an income, the inheritanc


Inherited money from a trust may or may not be subject to income tax, depending on the source of the funds. Property or money held by the decedent at the time of death is an inheritance and would not be subject to income tax, according to IRS Publication 559.


Federal inheritance tax is collected by the Internal Revenue Service and deposited with the U.S. Treasury, according to the IRS. In addition to federal taxes, seven states imposed inheritance taxes in 2015, which pay into their respective treasuries. The laws governing such taxes vary by jurisdictio


To claim an inheritance, contact the executor of the will or the judge in charge of the case. They make sure that you receive your money and any other paperwork you need, such as a deed or title if you are inheriting property.


When making an early withdrawal from an annuity, income tax must be paid on the earnings and a 10 percent penalty is payable to the government. As of 2015, if funds are withdrawn from an annuity before the age of 59.5 years, it is considered an early withdrawal.


Low-income families can obtain additional money by applying for state and federal assistance programs that offer cash aid and other forms of compensation for specific purchases, as well as by applying for private and public grants. Students in low-income families can also qualify for special scholar


The IRS treats commission payments as supplemental wages. This puts commissions in the same category as bonuses, allowances, back pays, sick leave pay and overtime pays, notes Patriot Software.


The federal income tax raises about $1.4 trillion each year, as of 2014. This number doesn't include taxes that individuals and businesses pay for Medicare and Social Security. Those payroll taxes raise another $1 trillion, according to Bloomberg Business.


Some of the biggest federal income tax deductions include sales tax, health insurance premiums and charitable gifts, states TurboTax. Some other big federal income tax deductions are the use of a home office, Internet and phone services, and travel expenses, states Investopedia.


The requirement to pay taxes on inherited money depends on the amount that's inherited and on the beneficiary's state of residence. The federal government doesn't charge beneficiaries an inheritance tax, although some states levy a tax, according to TurboTax.