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Lynn Toler, host of the television show "Divorce Court," has been married to Eric Mumford since 1989. They have two sons, Will and Xavier, and live in Arizona.


Tolerance is a fairness and objectivity toward the people who differ from a particular way of thinking or living, and it is the absence of demanding those people change their ways. It involves allowing others to live their lives with their own choices regardless of pers...


Tolerance is the ability to accept ideas, behaviors and feelings that are different than those of the individual. In science, it is the ability of the body to adjust to a new substance.


Loretta Lynn is an award-winning country music singer and songwriter. She is also a best-selling author and subject of the Oscar-winning film "Coal Miner's Daughter."


Loretta Lynn was born Loretta Webb in April 1932. She is one of eight children and lived in a one-room cabin with her family in Butcher Holler, Kentucky, until the age of 11. Her father was a coal miner, as described in both her song and autobiography, "Coal Miner's Dau...


As of May 2015, country singer Loretta Lynn is still alive. In 1932, Lynn was born to a coal miner and his wife in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. At age 13, she married Oliver Lynn and had four children within the next few years. She began her musical career in 1960.


Loretta Lynn's son, Jack Benny Lynn, drowned in July, 1984 after trying to cross a river on horseback. He was 34 years old and the country singer's oldest son.