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100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair, Kanakolan Hair for Braidin (#1B OFF BLACK) ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Good Hair. September 12, 2015. Color: #1B OFF BLACK Verified Purchase. I ordered 5 pkgs of this hair and I used 3 of them to braid my daughters hair into box braids. She is 17 and has a full head of hair, but since her hair is shoulder length, I was ...


7 Ombre Kanekalon Hair Color Ideas to Look Good Instantly. 7 Ombre Kanekalon Hair Color Ideas to Look Good Instantly. When it comes to kanekalon hair and colors, the last thing to be concerned about is the color fading away as you wash your hair, and that’s one of the best things about extensions.


Five Ways to Curl Kanekalon Hair. by Antonia March 14, 2016 Curly Styles / Style Tutorials / Styles; Most of us know that one of the major downsides to synthetic hair is that you generally can’t curl it with a curling iron because it’s made out of plastic and thus might melt *meep.* But there’s ...


From the price we could know this Kanekalon fiber are Conducive to accept by black woman. Everyone could use this Kanekalon fiber made of synthetic hair. Good hair products in African , beauty hair supply already become the best hot business. No matter you want do hair wholesale or hair retail business, find a good hair supplier is so important.


Lengthen and thicken your existing hair for braiding with Sassy 100% Kanekalon Jumbo Braid. This hair is soft and silky, easy to style and gentle on your fingers. This braid is flame resistant, tangle-free making braiding easier and faster. Synthetic and human hair extension sales are final and cannot be returned for any reason.


Heavy or Light: Kanekalon hair is light, but as with all styles, can become heavy depending on size and length of style. Price: Of all the extension braiding brands, Kanekalon tends to cost the ...


Your natural hair can easily become dry underneath the braiding hair, so its important to moisturize the entire braid. Braids tips. 61. When deciding what type of braid you want to wear, we suggest taking your hair thickness into account. If you have fine hair, try to choose a smaller braid. ... Enhance Your Hair. Kanekalon Hair Tips; Our Partners;


Kanekalon, a lighter and softer hair used globally for synthetic wigs and extensions, consists of a type of synthetic fiber known as modacrylic fiber. These fibers are modified acrylic fibers that stem from acrylonitriles and vinyl chloride. Kanekalon's feel closely resembles that of human and animal hair.


Kanekalon's Ultima hair is a synthetic hair product that looks and feels like real human hair. It is man-made hair that has human hair characteristics because it is made with natural collagen protein. This gives it a rich, moisturized feel and the beautiful shine of natural hair.


My last blog compiled a list of the best synthetic hair extensions being used in the Afro hair industry. I promised to come back with a blog that show my honest opinions of the top 3 brands on the list, after using these brands. My last 2 blogs has been about the benefits of synthetic hair extensions, therefore, this blog would make more sense if you read the previous 2 blogs.