While coffee is neutral or even helpful in moderate amounts, drinking excessive amounts may cause tremors, sleep problems and stress. Caffeine is considered slightly unhealthy for people with high blood pressure. Some di... More »

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Dogs should never drink caffeinated coffee, but if a dog accidentally consumes some, it is unlikely he or she will suffer any ill effects. The most dangerous ingredient for dogs in coffee is the caffeine, which can lead ... More »

Brewed coffee doesn't spoil or become dangerous to drink after a while. But depending on the coffee drinker's standards, coffee may go "bad" in terms of a stale or funny taste. More »

High levels of sodium in the diet can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, reports the Centers for Disease Control. Most salt that Americans cons... More »

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Natural treatments for tremors include avoiding stress, reducing caffeine, getting enough sleep, quitting alcohol, and switching or stopping medications that cause tremors, according to MedlinePlus. A treatment approach ... More »

The physical signs of stress include headache, chest pain, fatigue and sleep problems. Some of the symptoms of stress are similar to other medical conditions, so it is important to have an examination by a medical care p... More »

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Some signs of addiction include impaired speech, dilated pupils, disrupted sleep patterns, inability to deal with stress and legal problems. Drug addiction is a complex disease that takes more than good intentions and st... More »

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