The formula for hydrogen sulfide is H2S. This molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen bonded to one atom of sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide exists as a naturally occurring gas. More »

H2S, also known as hydrogen sulfide, is regarded as a polar molecule based on the arrangement of the hydrogen atoms around the sulfur atom and each atom's characteristics. The sulfur atom is more electronegative than the... More »

A polar compound is a molecule with a geometric arrangement of one side carrying a positive charge and the other side a negative charge. Water, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are examples of polar compounds... More »

The formula for creating dihydrogen sulfide, more commonly known as hydrogen sulfide, is most commonly represented as FeS + 2 HCl -- FeCl2 + H2S. Fe is the symbol for iron, S is the symbol for sulfur, H is the symbol for... More »

The molar mass of H2S, which is the chemical formula for hydrogen sulfide, is about 34 grams per mole. The molar mass of a compound is calculated by finding the atomic mass per mole of each atom in the compound and addin... More » Science Chemistry

Antimony sulfide, also referred to as antimony trisulfide, is a chemical compound with the formula Sb2S3. The compound exists naturally as stibnite, or it can be created artificially in the form of an orange-red precipit... More » Science Chemistry

Pure hydrogen peroxide is composed of two molecules of hydrogen and two molecules of oxygen, so its chemical formula is H2O2. However, the hydrogen peroxide sold in most stores is actually a solution, which typically onl... More »