According to the Jean Louis David salon, hairspray is not likely to cause any long-term damage to hair when it's used in moderation. Processes for cleaning away hairspray buildup help avoid hair damage. More »

Rave hairsprays come in aerosol and non-aerosol form to hold hairstyles in place during the course of the day. The hairspray uses an exclusive style memory to hold hair as it is brushed. Both aerosol and non-aerosol hair... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products

To remove hairspray from hair, comb a mixture of baking soda and shampoo through the hair and rinse it out. Use a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo. If this mixture doesn't remove all the hairspray, you can use condit... More »

Leave-in conditioner, hair serum, styling gel or mousse, styling sprays and hairspray are some recommended styling products for short to medium hair. The most effective styling products depend on the style and texture of... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products

To maintain a pixie cut, some hair product will need to be used, but that could include items like mousse, hairspray, gels or pomades. Hairspray is not necessarily needed to maintain the look of a pixie cut, especially i... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Styling Products

Alcohol-free hairspray eliminates dryness caused by alcohol-filled products that can make hair appear dull. Many manufacturers advertise their products as alcohol-free on the label, including Nexxus, Garnier and Jonathan... More »

An aerosol hairspray creates a fine mist of liquid particles. It is packaged in a pressurized container, and a release valve is used to emit the suspension into the air as a mist. A non-aerosol or pump hairspray also cre... More »