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Geritol is a multivitamin supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals. According to geritol.com, the Geritol tonic is a liquid form of the supplement; it contains key vitamins and minerals at high potency levels. The liquid form is beneficial for those who have difficulty with swallowing pills.


What Are the Benefits of Taking Geritol? According to Geritol's official website, Geritol is a mutlvitamin supplement that contains 26 vitamins and minerals. The vitamins in the supplement are considered to be the most essential to promote health and energy and keep the body in the best shape possible.


It makes no sense to believe that Geritol is for Seniors only. Geritol is for everyone that's deficient in iron. This is a potent good quality supplement, that gives you energy.


If you’re trying to conceive, you may have read about Geritol. The multivitamin is often listed on blogs and online pregnancy message boards as a way to boost fertility. Some posts talk about ...


Geritol is a United States trademarked name for various dietary supplements, past and present. Geritol is a brand name for several vitamin complexes plus iron or multimineral products in both liquid form and tablets, containing from 9.5 to 18 mg of iron per daily dose. The ...


Geritol® multivitamins deliver just the right balance of key vitamins and minerals. When it comes to nutrition support, people have trusted the Geritol® name for generations


Call your doctor or get medical help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away: Upset stomach or throwing up. Constipation. Change in color of stool to green. Diarrhea. Belly pain. These are not all of the side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, call your doctor.


Taking Geritol in combination with a fertility blend is a winning combo. Geritol with ConceiveEasy will give you an over-the-top chance of getting pregnant quickly. Geritol, with its extra iron, and ConceiveEasy, with its combination of fertility herbs and minerals, could be just the punch needed for a positive pregnancy test knock-out.


Geritol ® has been making nutritional supplements for generations, health “secrets” that moms pass down to daughters, and daughters share with husbands. We make multivitamins for every body. We believe you should love the body that you’re in – and that includes taking care of it every single day!