Gasoline is a homogeneous mixture made from processing or refining crude oils. A homogeneous mixture consists of combinations of different substances. However, a homogeneous mixture also has uniform composition and prope... More »

Gasoline, a refined product of crude oil, does not have a single chemical formula as it is a mixture of over 500 hydrocarbons and other compounds. These hydrocarbons typically have five to 12 carbon atoms per chain. More »

A 50-to-1 mixture of gasoline and oil for two-cycle oil takes 50 parts gasoline to one part oil. This ratio can use any form of liquid measure; using 50 ounces of gasoline, for example, requires 1 ounce of oil to meet th... More »

A pure substance contains only one kind of molecule, and a mixture is a combination of two or more pure substances. Distilled water, aluminum foil and table sugar are each made from only one type of particle. However, sa... More »

Metal alloys, which are a mixture of metal and at least one other substance, are used because they are more suited for a particular task than a pure metal is. Metal alloys are typically either harder, stronger, lighter o... More »

You can compare and contrast mixtures and pure substances by determining if the substance can be separated into homogeneous materials. Determine if the substance can be changed into a different substance as well. More »

Salt water is a mixture, but more specifically, it is a solution. A solution is a mixture where one substance is homogeneously or evenly distributed in the other. More »