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Facet joint disorders are some of the most common of all the recurrent, disabling low back and neck problems, and can cause serious symptoms and disability for patients. However, facet joint problems rarely involve the spinal nerves. Conditions Similar to Facet Joint Problems


5. Arthritis in the facet joints can lead to bone spurs which can also affect the nerve roots, ultimately causing more radiating pain as well as numbness and weakness in the legs. 6. Those with arthritis in the facet joints may feel like they have a stiff back, making moving from sitting to standing position difficult.


Facet Syndrome and SSA Disability Benefits What is Facet Syndrome? Facet joints, which are the flat surfaces of the vertebrae that interlock, are located at each vertebral level, lending stability, flexibility and movement to the spine. If these joints become irritated or inflamed they can generate pain down the spine into the buttocks and legs.


Facet arthritis is an inflammation of a joint in the spine (facet joint). SYMPTOMS OF FACET ARTHRITIS. Pain in the back or neck is the primary symptom. This pain can come and go. The pain may radiate into the shoulders (for cervical facet arthritis) and buttocks and legs (for lumbar facet arthritis), but is not likely to radiate all the way to ...


Facet Syndrome: How it Affects the Sufferer and When to File for SSDI. January 28, 2014. Have you been diagnosed with facet joint syndrome or facet disease? Disability benefits may be available to you if your condition has made it impossible for you to earn a living.


Spine disorders are among the more common conditions that can lead to permanent disability. Spine disabilities vary from arthritis to vertebra fractures. They have their own listing in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. Among the spine disorders specifically listed in the Blue Book are: Facet arthritis; Vertebra fracture; Spinal ...


Arthritis can cause significant pain, redness, and swelling of the joints and often limits one's ability to perform everyday activities. Can I Get Disability for My Arthritis? To decide whether you should be approved for disability based on your arthritis, the Social Security Administration (SSA) goes through several steps.


Since the facet joints are the only synovial joints in the spine with hyaline cartilage overlying subchondral bone, a synovial membrane and a joint capsule, they develop degenerative changes that are equivalent to other peripheral joints. The Oswestry Disability Index is the most commonly used measure to quantify disability for low back pain.


People with facet joint arthritis rarely need surgery. However, facet joint arthritis is a primary source of chronic low back pain about 15 percent of the time. After trying other types of treatment, some of these patients may eventually require surgery. There are several types of surgery for facet joint arthritis. The two primary operations are


Facet joint disorders are some of the most common of all the recurrent, disabling low back and neck problems, and can cause serious symptoms and disability for patients. Symptoms may include the following: acute episodes of lumbar and cervical facet joint pain; persisting point tenderness overlying the inflamed facet joints; more discomfort while leaning backward…