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Nothing adverse will happen if a person takes expired medicine, as stated by Drugs.com; however, the medicine may not work as intended. The expiration date on the label is used by manufacturers to show the period when the medicine if fully potent. This means that a drug...


Expired drugs, such as aspirin, are safe to take in most situations, although they may not be as effective, according to Drugs.com. Patients should replace expired drugs as soon as possible if they take the medication for a heart condition or another chronic medical pro...


Soda is deemed to be safe to drink up to nine months after the expiration date assuming the container remains unopened, undamaged, and has been stored correctly. This is due to the number of additives and chemicals added to carbonated drinks, which specifically make the...


If medication is past its expiration date, discard it and replace it with new product, says the makers of Benadryl. However, many medications are safe and effective well past their expiration dates, according to The Allergy Clinic.


It is not recommended to take Advil after the expired date, according to Advil. After the expiration date, it is not guaranteed that the ingredients in Advil are still effective.


Depending on the source, milk should be fine to drink up to a week after the expiration date, according to WebMD. However, there are factors that can determine whether or not milk will spoil before this time. A milk carton that is left out at room temperature will spoil...


In most cases, checks do not expire. However, after six months, checks are considered stale and banks and credit unions are not required to cash them, states the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.