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Nowhere does it state how the dying will be. Is it painful for the patient? How to know when cirrhosis is at fatal stage? What to expect as patient deteriorates. The article should not be represented as an article about dying from cirrhosis. Annie Reply November 26, 2011 at 10:16 am.


Hello, I am currently dying from cirrhosis.I was a cocktail party social drinker and was diagnosed two years ago with stage 4. I probably have another year or two before my liver shuts down completely. I am currently not in much pain and several doctors have told me as I get closer to death the pain is much more manageable.


I just recently came home from hospital and I now have full blown cirrhosis. I'm in so much pain I can't eat or sleep and the worst thing is everything gives me diarrhea. I'm happy to say I've been sober for two weeks but instead of the pain and discomfort going away it gets worse as the days go on.


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Note: this post is very long. Obviously, I didn’t die from liver cirrhosis, but I came as close to death as possible. My nightmare began sometime in the spring of 2013. After binge drinking for four straight days in the Philippines, I woke up and ...


Process Of Dying Of Liver Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of liver takes place when the liver slowly degenerates and is not able to perform its functions due to a chronic injury. The liver tissues are replaced by scar tissues, blocking partially the flow of blood through the liver.


I agree with a previous poster that it is a very cruel disease. I've seen him go from near death - to him smiling and making jokes and i heard this is common with cirrhosis. My grandparents had a great love story and its going to be very painful to see my grandma lose the only thing that meant everything to her.


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Pain management in patients with cirrhosis is a difficult clinical challenge for health care professionals, and few prospective studies have offered an evidence-based approach. In patients with end-stage liver disease, adverse events from analgesics are frequent, potentially fatal, and often avoidable.


What can be expected in end-stage liver disease? Liver Disease. Print Send to a Friend. ... if there’s pressure on the diaphragm. Fluid buildup may also cause nausea, loss of appetite, and abdominal and back pain. The person may also be at risk of developing an infection when this fluid is present. ... When Death is Near - Learn more about ...