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Damn is considered to be profane since you are invoking damnation upon something or someone. Dang is just a made up word used by people who want to say Damn but think it is OK if they don’t actually say the word. It does not matter. If you MEAN Da...


Dang is a word that was originally used by southerners. It was instead of saying damn because... I don't know why. ... Used mostly by old people, as (according to them) damn is too harsh a swear word to be uttered. Used to show great frustration or annoyance or to reinforce/exclaim a point. "Dang! I forgot to feed the bird this morning!"


It's just that I hear a lot of little kids (some preschoolers believe it or not) say, "darn/damn/dang it!!!" And then whenever I ask someone, some say that it is considered a swear word and others say that it isn't. If it is a swear word, well then I am ashamed of myself. :( I have been saying it since I was like in kindergarten.


I suppose that we may just draw the line for what we define as swear words somewhere else, but I think a lot of people wouldn't call darn (damn), dang (damn), and gosh darnit (god dammit) swear words.


Dang is a by-word, a word used in place of a curse word, in this case, d__n. It is not as offensive as a curse word, but still indicates a weak vocabulary and does not really say anything.


Is damn a swear word? Just a thought I’d like some opinions on: Is damn a swear word? I’ve been thinking that over time different words develop different meanings to different generations. Words that were offensive many years ago have no meaning today. I remember some TV drama set in the past where the phrase “sweating” was offensive.


101 Great Cuss/Swear Word Alternatives. ... I knew it was a Christian swear words like son of a butch and mammy jammer because It was my auntie's influnce of swearing in Utah because most christians including my coworker who is a mormon that they would use a funny swear words The moron way to say F you like just do it for yourself same as go ...


I was originally taught that it refers to the blood of Jesus. It’s unacceptable, just as using God’s name in vain is unacceptable. If this is what people think the word means, it’s a swear word. however, there are some other theories about it’s or...


The next word is ass. Ass is a little bit offensive, but you don’t have to use it. You can say arse, you can say butt, you can say bum. Learn More With Another RealLife Article (by Justin): 34 Ways to Use the Word ASS. Damn: darn, dang, doggon. The next curse word that we often use is damn. Damn! Like, that’s damn good.


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