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Can Dogs Have Bacon or Bacon Grease? Ask PHP Pete . Dear PHP Pete, The marketing industry is promoting “bacon flavor” for so many products. Can I safely feed my dog bacon or bacon grease?-Yummy. Dear Yummy, Calling all small breeds and large breeds: NO bacon or bacon grease for you!


I give mine bacon & hamburger grease every now and then just to get rid of it. Sure won't hurt them. Grizzly Salmon Oil is good stuff, but gets expensive if you're doing multiple BIG dogs. I now just buy the human grade salmon or fish oil capsules at Walmart. We also feed canned salmon occasionally and they love it. That's a gorgeous dog Okie ...


Bacon grease is bad for dogs. Consumption of bacon grease can result in pancreatitis, the severe inflammation of the pancreas. Symptoms of pancreatitis include vomiting, diarrhea and organ failure.


The ASPCA warns pet owners against feeding dogs bacon grease for these reasons. Because bacon is one of the fattiest meats out there, it's best to give it to your dog only occasionally. Eggs, meanwhile, are more balanced in protein and fat than bacon, unless you fry your eggs in lots of fat, which will stick to the egg and absorb into the white.


Can dogs eat bacon? This question must have crossed your mind while enjoying a crunchy slice of flavorful bacon for breakfast. Your furry pet was glaring at you with that unique, classic puppy-eyes look every dog owner is acquainted with, and made it really hard to resist not giving it a tiny portion of it.


It's not good for them the way it's not good for humans. common sence here. It is found in some dog treats though, such as Ol'Roy dog treats, just loked at the ingredients yeaterday actually. shoudl you poor the grease over your dog's food, no, why the heck would you anyway? totaly nasty.


Is bacon treat good for dogs? Bacon is not a very good treat for dogs because it's very greasy and high in fat - this can cause stomach upset or even more serious problems like pancreatitis in some dogs. Some better options for... 1 Person found this answer helpful. My dog just got a cup of bacon grease and ate most of it before I got to it.


A potentially fatal condition called bloat is of concern when salty food is eaten by large dog breeds, caused when the dog drinks too much water because of the salt in the bacon (or other salty food items like ham, cured meats, hot dogs, etc.). So no more bacon, bacon grease, or other salty, fatty treats. Sorry Rex!


Basically, no, bacon grease is not good for your dog. Dogs love it. It is too calorie dense for too little nutritional value to be good for them. It also trains them to seek 'people food'.


Is it safe to pour a small amount of bacon grease over dog food? It depends on a number of things. It depends on what you consider to be “safe”, how you define “small” and whether or not your dog is prone to, or at risk for canine pancreatitis.