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Bovine artificial insemination school, or AI school, teaches students how to properly perform bovine artificial insemination on their herds. AI involves impregnating female cows artificially using frozen semen and is used to help strengthen the genetics of a herd and increase the number of cattle on


AISLive ship tracking is a mapping tool that provides clear visibility of ship movement across a ship's trading route. The tool features live ship positions, satellite ship movements and ship photographs, among other relevant data tools that enable tracking of a ship.


One can obtain an Auto Insurance Specialists auto insurance quote online at the AIS website, AIS Insurance.com. Consumers can compare auto insurance rates offered in their ZIP code by a variety of insurance companies.


Driving records, location, vehicle type and type of driver all go into determining AIS car insurance rates, according to AIS. Credit score, annual mileage and where the car is driven also might affect the rate a person pays for their AIS car insurance.


View student reviews, rankings, reputation for the online AIS from Western Kentucky University The Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies is an online liberal arts degree from Western Kentucky University. This a very flexible, yet also focused, degree in liberal arts. You will create a personalized


How public and private sectors go about implementing AI will dictate how far it goes, both for good and evil. Here are the pros and cons of AI. The great potential of artificial intelligence (AI) comes with some dire warnings, both real and imagined. With the goal of applying AI technologies to achi


There’s an important theme emerging here at WWDC. Without saying so explicitly, Apple is answering the charge that it is behind on AI. We’ve seen improvements to Siri, which will answer deeper questions than before and can control your Mac, too. Apple Maps will anticipate where you want to go, based


A look at the technology behind deepfake AI, one of the most disturbing new tools on the internet. By Adam Mann - Live Science Contributor 30 September 2019 Reference Article: Facts about deepfake AI. Of all the scary powers of the internet, it's ability to trick the unsuspecting might be the most f


Facebook’s engineers have created a new way to model users’ worst behavior using AI. They’ve created a parallel version of Facebook known as WW, on which they let bots loose to study how they conduct unwanted behavior like spreading spams, scamming other users, and selling guns and drugs. Filed unde


Original image (left) vs two variants of the DeepExposure algorithm A decent camera is often the benchmark we set when choosing a smartphone. Aside from the touchscreen, the camera is undoubtedly the most-used feature, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers pour their efforts into improving the phot