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Are Spiders Carnivores or Omnivores? Spiders are carnivorous animals, eating insects such as flies, moths, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos and even other spiders. Some species, such as the tarantula and the Goliath bird eater, are large enough to eat small rodents, amphibians, lizards, snakes and small birds.


A carnivore is an animal that eats other animals and nothing else. eg spiders. An omnivore is an animal that eats both animal and plant matter. eg humans. A herbivore is an animal that eats plant material and nothing else. eg rabbits.


"All spiders are carnivores, so they eat a variety of insects, and will inject enzymes into their food either before or while they are breaking it up. Some spiders, like tarantulas, can catch small mice or birds. Spiders catch their food in a number of ways. They can leap on prey while they wait in their burrows, hunt for it, or spin webs to ...


Tarantulas are carnivores. They eat various prey depending on the size of the tarantula. A large tarantula is capable of eating frogs, mice, and birds while smaller ones prefer small insects like millipedes and cockroaches as a meal.


Is a spider a carnivore? Watch more videos for more knowledge spider-man carnivore - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch/UQyvXa3IWn8 Spiderman TAS - Carniv...


no they are predominantly insectovores, although some large species have been known to eat birds this is never the main food source and a vary rare occurance despite the name bird eating spiders.


A tarantula is a spider. Spiders kill and eat other animals. Therefore, a tarantula, like all spiders, is a carnivore.


Tarantula hawks use scent tracking to find the lair of a tarantula. To capture the spider, the wasp must deliver a sting to the spider's underside, exploiting the thin membrane between the leg segments. The sting paralyzes the spider, and then the wasp drags it back into its burrow and deposits an egg on the spider's abdomen.


Red Knee Tarantula The red knee tarantula (also known as the red-kneed tarantula) is a type of burrowing tarantula that inhabits the pacific mountains of Mexico.The red knee tarantula is most well known for its hairy body and the red bands that are along its legs.