Animals that eat frogs include aquatic birds like herons and gulls, reptiles like snakes and crocodiles, and mammals like ocelots. Some frogs even eat other frogs. The American bullfrog, for example, doesn't hesitate to ... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians

Frogs fall prey to snakes, bullfrogs, owls, hawks, tarantulas, foxes, otters and even humans. In addition, some fish, insects and animals feed on frogspawn and tadpoles. Some frogs even eat other frogs. The American bull... More »

Frogs have many symbolic meanings including cleansing, healing, renewal, rebirth, fertility, abundance and metamorphosis. The frog is generally associated with the water element and carries the cleansing properties of th... More »

Some animals that live in the Florida Everglades are reptiles such as alligators, crocodiles and many species of snakes and mammals such as dolphins, manatees and white-tailed deer. Other animals that live in the Evergla... More » Science Biology Zoology

Blue herons are carnivores that eat a variety of aquatic and land prey, including fish, frogs, turtles, young birds, bird eggs, snakes, insects, mice, moles, gophers and other small mammals. While they live in colonies, ... More »

Cold-blooded animals include reptiles, insects and amphibians such as frogs, lizards, snakes, toads, turtles, salamanders, fish, dragonflies and bees. Cold-blooded animals do not keep a stable body temperature and their ... More »

Types of animals that live in wetlands include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and marine animals. Most of the animals have specialized adaptations for living in the moist area and depend on the wet environment for ... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians