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An insect is an arthropod with three pairs of legs and a body comprising three segments. Insects are the only members of the arthropod phylum with wings. The phylum Arthropoda also includes arachnids, crustaceans, centipedes and millipedes.


What makes an insect an insect are six legs, jointed bodies and an exoskeleton. Insects are cold blooded, and lay eggs. They have no lungs but breathe through spiracles found in their sides.


According to the University of Arizona, butterflies belong to the phylum Arthropoda and subsequently classify as invertebrates. Butterflies are insects that go through three stages of development: larva, pupa and adult. Each stage of development is preceded by a series ...


A baby butterfly is called an egg, which is the first of the four stages of life a butterfly will go through. An egg is small and hardened on the exterior. It sticks to a leaf by a rapidly hardening glue.


Butterflies use muscles to move their wings and take flight. The wings are made of a thin, translucent material called chitin that covers a framework of small veins. Butterflies need the correct weather conditions because their muscles must be warmed up before they can ...


A butterfly is usually a herbivore because they eat plant nutrients such as nectar, however, there is one species of butterfly that eats meat. The butterfly known as the harvester butterfly eats other insects when it is at a larvae stage.


A butterfly artist is anyone who creates a work of art based around a butterfly. Some well-known artists who portrayed butterflies in their work include Vincent van Gogh and Italian painter Dosso Dossi.