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5 percent is not alot most hard liqors are around 40(vodka, gin, rum, whiskey) spirits usually range from about 12-26 % (malibu, baileys, creme de banane) mikes is a cooler.. just like a beer but you can definately get drunk off them.


5.5% alcohol is a normal amount for many beers. 8-12% is normal for most wines, with white wine on the lower-end and red wine with more alcohol content. 40% is an average number for hard liquor. No, 5.5% alcohol is not a lot. The difference is how many of them you drink.


In a beer an alcohol content of 5.9% is higher than standard. I suppose U.S. beer is all watered down so 5.9% is probably a pretty strong beer there.


If you look at the alcohol percentage on beers, it doesn’t seem like they’re all that different. After all, a 5% lager is just 1% more alcohol than a supposedly lighter beer, right? While that ...


Alcohol by volume (abbreviated as ABV, abv, or alc/vol) is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a volume percent). It is defined as the number of millilitres (mL) of pure ethanol present in 100 mL (3.4 fl. oz) of solution at 20 °C (68 °F). The number of millilitres of ...


5 bottles would be 56 fl oz total volume, at 4.5% alcohol by volume that's roughly 2.5 fl oz of alcohol. I'll assume your 25, just cause I can. So in America, according to Google you are around 170lbs. And assuming you are also male, a BAC calculator online says you will be around .055%, so a bit over half the legal limit to drive in America.


A pint of alcohol, on the other hand, weighs only 0.79 pound. So a beer with an alcohol content of 3.2 percent by weight is actually 4 percent by volume. A beer that is 4 percent by weight is actually 5 percent by volume. To figure it out yourself, convert an alcohol-by-weight reading to its alcohol-by-volume equivalent by multiplying by 1.25.


It depends on how much total volume of the beverage you have. For astandard US pint, a beer at 5% ABV will have about 0.6 fluid ouncesof alcohol.


What's the consensus on alcohol free wine? Most are between 0.2 and 0.5%. I'm in first trimester and not sure I can hack drinking juice all Xmas/New Year. Is is best avoided or so low to be fine for pregnancy?


Buzzed on the job: 22.5% of Americans have used drugs or alcohol AT WORK, survey finds. The problem is more common among men – 25% admit to on-the-job drug or alcohol use, compared to 20% of ...