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In the United Kingdom one can buy gold bullion through the country's many bullion dealers. A number of online companies sell gold, as do brick-and-mortar outlets that facilitate the exchange of gold for cash. Gold ingots are even available through vending machines in shopping centres.


As of 2015, buy gold prospecting equipment online at GoldFeverProspecting.com, GoldRushTradingPost.com and Cabelas.com. The equipment from Cabela's may also be available in a local retail store. Find the closest one by entering a ZIP code into the Cabela's website.


There are several ways to distinguish real gold from fake gold, also called fool's gold, such as the presence or absence of shine, external color and weight. Genuine gold typically retains its shine in shade and in light; this is usually the quickest way to determine whether a stone is one of true g


GoldPaq, GoldKit and Cash4Gold are some of the companies that buy gold by the ounce through the mail. In addition to these national companies, most urban areas have local pawn shops and agents that specialize in buying gold, and these establishments allow customers to sell in person.


When buying gold in Dubai, compare prices of similar gold purities, and haggle with the vendor to get the best price offered. The main shops, otherwise called the gold souks, are located in Deira. Try to make it to the shops early to get the best deals. There are also stores across the UAE that offe


The modern British gold sovereign is a 22-carat gold coin, a specification that has remained standard from 1817 until the present, as of 2015. A coin with 22 carats has 91.67 percent of its total mass made of pure gold.


Gold If inflation doesn't translate to higher Treasury yields, here's where will it appear and what you do to benefit from it. As gold and silver tick lower and lower, investors are eagerly watching their charts to give them a clue that will never happen. Here's a play I've dug up on the VanEck Vect


The rarity of gold is just one reason why people value the precious metal. Learn why gold inspires men to wage war and how we find and refine gold. Advertisement ­Nothing has captured the imagination of humans like gold. Egyptians considered the bright yellow metal to be divine and indestructible, a


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It continues to be a market for speculative trading....QQQ The worries that took hold last week are being set aside this morning as stock pickers go to work and the FATMAAN are all positive. One of the big problems with the argument for a bearish rotation is that market players refuse to give up on