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Is Gold Still a Good Investment in 2020? It’s no secret that gold’s been rallying for the past few months. After its recent pullback, though, investors may be wondering if it’s reached its high.


Is buying gold a good investment?This is a question investors are asking in 2020 now that equity market volatility has returned. In addition, governments around the world are injecting liquidity into the financial system, which is leading many analysts to predict rising inflation.


"There is no good time to buy gold," said Cheng, who said he sees the asset hitting $2,000 per ounce by the end of the year. "Every investor should have some gold in their portfolio."


Investing in Gold vs. Silver: 3 Key Differences to Know Both gold and silver appeal to investors in a bear market, but the two precious metals are not created equal.


The investment implication is that gold in coming years is likely to be lower than where it is currently. The gold bulls will object that this new research doesn’t take into account the ...


Buying gold for investment purposes isn't the same as collecting gold coins. By purchasing gold from large, reputable dealers, investors receive the best opportunity to liquidate gold if they decide this is what they want to do. The physical delivery aspects of owning gold coins and bullion require insurance and a secure vault in which to store it.


When looking for investment options, gold coins should rate the top of your list. It is, arguably, the best option for collectors and investors alike. Gold provides physical, easily liquidated assets and is indispensable in engineering and electronics, as well as the health, environmental, and jewelry industries.


Most investors want the majority of their portfolio to be in growth funds, stocks, or other investments. That’s a good way to get the best balance of risk and return. Investing in gold coins in other ways. You can even buy coins with your Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA). You won’t be able to take these coins home.


April looked good for gold and miners. We took a gold position in gold miners our Momentum Investing portfolio which was up some 15 pct near the end of April. May is shaping up to become a great month for gold and miners. We may want to add to our open position. June marked the end of the consolidation, and clear signs of higher highs.


All the experts the Investing News Network spoke to did agree that while uncertainty is positive for gold, it is bad for the dollar — and there is undoubtedly more uncertainty ahead.