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Even in 2020, we see gold continue to uphold its safe-haven status. 3. Gold as a Diversifying Investment. Gold may be the most alternative of all alternative investments. Though portfolio managers and investment advisers commonly recommend a mix of stocks and bonds, the reality is the two usually move in concert.


Is Gold Still a Good Investment in 2020? It’s no secret that gold’s been rallying for the past few months. After its recent pullback, though, investors may be wondering if it’s reached its high.


Drawbacks of Investing in Gold. To find out exactly, if it is a good idea to invest in gold in 2020 lately, one must consider the cons of it because you don’t only buy the pros, you buy the cons too and thus, you should what are the downsides you will be facing by investing in gold in 2020? Let’s have a look: Poor Returns on Physical gold


Gold is a hot investment. Here's why you should resist the urge to buy during the market selloff Published Mon, Mar 9 2020 2:22 PM EDT Updated Thu, Mar 12 2020 4:44 PM EDT


As year 2020 begins, a lot of people have been asking whether platinum, gold, silver or some other metal will turn out to be the best precious metal investment in the months ahead. The most common answer to that question is almost always something like this . . .


During periods of high inflation, investing in gold as a hedge can be a smart investment option. The downside to investing in gold is it can be very pricey for new investors. Gold is a good investment. Today, it’s worth is around $1,500 and rising. Investors believe gold will continue to rise in 2020.


Capital gains tax rates are higher on most gold investments. Since gold is considered a collectible in the U.S., the capital gains tax rate is 28%, which is much higher than the ordinary capital gains rate of 15%. That said, mining companies that don’t invest in gold directly are still taxed at the ordinary rate.


Picking the right gold stock investment for your situation. Buying physical gold in any form -- bars, coins, medals, or even jewelry -- is the most direct way to gain exposure to gold prices.


US Election 2020 and Gold; ... plans and other things — I think that would be really good for not just gold, but all commodities.” ... about companies associated with Gold Investing Delivered ...


Is investing in gold smart? The famous metal fails as an inflation hedge and alternative to stocks. ... But is gold a good investment? ... Coryanne Hicks Nov. 23, 2020. How to Invest In Marijuana.