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“We think that recent gold price surge seems overdone, and high volatility for gold prices should not be welcomed by investors,'' she said. Cameron Alexander, director of precious metals research at GFMS, Refinitiv, stated: “The sudden spike in gold prices is the result of speculative buying given the rise in global uncertainty.”


“Virtually all of the selling is from banks who buy from domestic sources taking advantage of the high gold price at a time when they are fiscally stretched.”The central banks of Turkey and ...


By Dhirendra Kumar Like flight attendants do just before a flight takes off, investment advisers also need to repeat two safety announcements periodically. One is about gold and the other, obviously, about real estate. Thankfully, the last few years have made many savers realise that treating real estate as an investment means putting your money into a bottomless pit.


If we look at how gold has performed since March 23, the market’s trough, gold doesn’t look quite as good: it’s up 20% compared to the S&P 500’s 46% gain.


Gold, he says, is an insurance policy, not unlike buying a homeowner's policy for a house that may never burn down: "If everything goes crazy, it gives me some peace of mind." Andrew Carrillo, a financial planner with Barnett Capital Advisors in Miami, has half his personal investments in gold and advises his clients — especially retirees ...


But there are good reasons to own smaller denominations. They are certainly attractive if you aren't able or don't want to buy a full ounce of gold at a time. They can also be useful potentially for gifting, barter and trade, or for holding in travel or bug-out kits.


A great way to buy gold in your portfolio and "avoid all the late-night TV scams" is to buy SPDR Gold Shares , the largest physically backed gold ETF, says Daren Blonski, managing principal of ...


10-karat gold is an alloy made up of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals such as copper, zinc, silver or nickel. In percentage terms, 10K gold contains 41.7% pure gold. Jewelry that is 10K gold will usually be stamped with a mark such as 10KT, 10K, 10kt or something similar.


The Gold price is always quoted in ounces but can easily be converted into grams or kilos, depending on the quantity you want to buy or sell. The Gold gram price and Gold kilo price can be found in our handy conversion table. The Gold price is universal, as most Gold markets use live Gold prices listed in U.S. dollars.


A 'good' number would usually fall within the range of 1.5 to 3. Like most ratios, this number will vary from industry to industry. ... 5 Gold Stocks to Buy as Gold ETF Inflows Hit Record Levels ...