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For most people, two million dollars in savings is more than enough to guarantee a comfortable retirement. The majority of people are able to retire after having saved eight times their ending salaries, according to Fidelity.


Bella Vista, Arkansas, is a good place for retirement, according to Money. This judgment is based on the town's cost of living and available recreation, which includes numerous golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and shooting ranges.


Medical retirement refers to U.S. military personnel who retire from the service due to a medical condition that makes them unfit for duty, according to Nolo. Medical retirement pay is based on a person's years of service and military disability rating.


A disability retirement is offered to employees who are no longer able to work on account of an illness or an injury. It is typically offered only after the employer exhausts all other options to retain the employee in a productive capacity.


The National Retirement Fund is a trust fund created in the mid-2000s through the merger of many pension plans across industries such as clothing, hospitality, food service, gaming, laundry and textile, according to Unite Here. The purpose of the fund is to provide pension benefits for the legacy pl


Tens of thousands of retirees move to Arizona each year, making it the second most popular destination for retirees in the United States after Florida. Scottsdale, Arizona, is home to the highest proportion of over-65s in the nation, with 20 percent of residents in the city aged 65 or older.


Not all retirement communities are restricted to senior citizens. Different types of retirement communities exist, including age-restricted communities, which are the only type of retirement community that requires residents to meet a certain age requirement in order to live there.


Australia is an English-speaking country with a relatively high standard of living, comparable to what many retirees' experience in America, but for a fraction of the cost. Australia rates high on the list of ex-pat safe havens because of its clean environment, reputable health care facilities, and


A retirement guest book is a book of blank pages laid out at a retirement party for guests to sign. Guests typically use the guest book as an opportunity to write congratulatory messages and wish the retiree well in the future.


A 414h retirement plan is a tax-deferred government retirement plan. It is a money purchase initiative in which government employers mandate employee contributions, which are then “picked-up” by the employer to be formally characterized as “employer contributions.”