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When the Internal Revenue Service believes that a tax return was filed under a stolen identity, it suspends processing of the paperwork and mails an identity verification letter to the taxpayer, according to the IRS. The letter, identified in the upper right corner, is a 5071C.


According to the Internal Revenue Service, to access its secure identity verification site, you must first have received a form 5071C letter from the IRS stating that your identity must be verified. The IDverify website is not set up for any other purposes and is not accessible to taxpayers who did


People receive letters directing them to ID verification on the IRS website when the agency suspects identity theft on tax returns, according to the IRS. The returns have names and Social Security numbers of actual taxpayers. In order to verify their identities, individuals must accurately answer a


Check verification is a process in which a retailer uses a third-party service provider to determine whether or not a customer can present a check as payment for purchases. This can include verifying the check is valid or that the account holder has a positive check writing history.


The Work Number is used to verify employment or income information. It is used by mortgage companies and by pre-employment screeners. Verification is required when a person applies for a job, leases an apartment or applies for a loan.


The most common method of check verification uses check databases to analyze the history of checks written from a particular account and determine how likely they are to clear. Another verification method involves accessing the bank account the check is being written from and verifying the available


A verification code is a three- or four-digit number printed on credit and debit cards. This number is requested when a customer makes purchases as a method of reducing fraudulent orders. The verification code is used to ensure that the person placing the order has the card in hand.


The role of the Internal Revenue Service is to collect taxes and enforce the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS is a branch of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and it collected more than $2.5 trillion in tax revenue during the fiscal year 2012. The IRS processed more than 237 million tax returns in


Online check verification is a service that businesses can utilize to verify that an accepted check is valid. This purchased service is usually advertised as free to hook potential customers, but companies often charge customers after a free trial or transaction introductory offer runs out, accordin


Telephone number verification is used to confirm that a particular telephone number is in service to prevent fraud and abuse of services connected to that telephone line and to avoid fraud attempts that use fake phone numbers. Marketing firms also use number verification to confirm the accuracy of t