IRS Form 1040A and instructions are found on the IRS website, the IRS notes. To locate the form, click on the Forms and Pubs section. From there, the page provides a list of the most-requested current year's forms and an... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Download and print out instructions for IRS form 1040A on the official website, reports the IRS. Alternatively, taxpayers can access and download form 1040A instructions on the website, states Bankra... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service publishes detailed instructions for federal Form 1040A on its website, including the restrictions on who can use Form 1040A and line by line directions for completing the form. Only filers wi... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

IRS Form 1040-EZ tax tables are tables that show the tax brackets and amounts due for federal taxpayers filing the 1040-EZ form, the IRS notes. Tax tables change year to year due to tax legislation changes and inflation ... More »

An individual can find the instructions for the 2013 IRS Form 940 on the Internal Revenue Service website. The IRS website is the only site on which the instructions are available. More » Business & Finance Taxes

As of July 2015, both the instructions and the form for the 2014 Form 1040A are available online on the official website of the IRS. The instructions are viewable both as a PDF file and in HTML format. More » Business & Finance Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service posts both the form and the instructions for Schedule A (Form 1040) on its website at Schedule A is used for claiming itemized deductions on an individual tax return, states the IRS. More » Business & Finance Taxes