Iron is mostly used to create steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, according to Jefferson Lab. Iron also plays an important role in producing chlorophyll in plants and serves as an essential component of hemoglobin, the s... More »

According to The Royal Society of Chemistry, iron is the most useful of all metals. It is used to manufacture steel, which is used in civil engineering and in manufacturing. Chromium added to steel results in stainless s... More » Science Environmental Science

The element iron is located in Group 8, which is part of the transition metals. Other Group 8 elements include ruthenium, osmium and hassium. More »

The difference between iron and steel is that iron is an element, and steel is an alloy of iron, small amounts of carbon and another material, usually another element like chromium. Iron is alloyed with other elements to... More »

Iron sulphide, also known as ferrous sulphide, is a chemical compound used in alloy and stainless steel industries to control hydrogen embrittlement. The steel industry uses iron sulphide as a re-sulphurization agent in ... More »

The element iron is converted to the alloy commonly called steel by controlling the percentage of carbon in the product, which is usually 0.25 percent to 1.5 percent of the final alloy content. The first economical metho... More »

Bronze is an alloy of mostly copper and another element, usually tin, which has the effect of hardening and strengthening the metal. Bronze was one of the first alloys developed by humans, and it forms a gold-colored, br... More »